This changes from night to night. We recommend that you purchase your tickets online! This allows you to walk right into the line for the attraction instead of having to wait to purchase your tickets on-site and then have to wait to go through the attraction. 
NO! The hinckley haunted barn is a very dark attraction and everyone's, especially the actor’s, eyes adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you are temporarily blinding the eyes of the actors. If you are media related please contact us so that arrangements and photo ops can be arranged.
You will not be grabbed or touched by any actors unless it's an accident or heightens the scare. Our actors are highly trained and professional. They will not touch you inappropriately or in sensitive areas. 
we offer several different ticket options. Please refer to the tickets page for details.
The haunted barn will be open regardless of rain. Netherealm invasion will remain open unless rain becomes so severe that it becomes necessary to stop it. Scarecrow alley will also remain open unless rain becomes too severe.
YES! We do not tolerate foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, drugs, etc. This is done for your safety and the safety of our workers. If warned and the problem proceeds the guest could be asked to leave without a refund. 
YES! We sell everything from food to T-shirts. Bathrooms are available as well.
We have no age restrictions. The buzzard cove screampark provides attractions for all age groups.
Yes, check out group discount section under tickets.
Call mark at 330-221-5160 or email us on our contact page.
Check our contact section on the site where you can find our email address or direct phone number. 
there is limited parking at the buzzard cove main lot. Additional parking is provided next store at the hinckley preservation. Signs will be posted to direct you as well as event staff to answer questions.